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European Union Enters New Phase of Government

Implications of the structure imposed by the Lisbon Treaty on developments in intellectual property and technology.

Progressive Response in the UK?

The Queen’s Speech heralded adoption in the UK, but don’t look for it in the coming year.

Is Copyright a Consumer’s Right or a Citizen’s Right?

Have citizens’ rights gotten lost in the great copyright debate?

UK Government Releases Digital Britain Report

The comprehensive report states that intellectual property theft is civil theft.

Does the EU Really Matter?

Restrictions and freedoms in European legal systems influence different approaches to digital rights. As Europe unifies, which system will prevail, and how will that affect DRM?

Will the EU’s Fine on Intel Impact DRM?

The antitrust action against Intel could threaten interoperability that is key to acceptance of DRM in the market.

European Union Votes to Extend Copyright Term

The decision will extend the term of copyright in sound recordings in EU member states from 50 to 70 years.

UK Digital Rights Agency Likely to End Up on the Cutting Room Floor

By Bill Jones It appears that the recently touted creation of a Rights Agency in the UK is unlikely to make it to the final Digital Britain Report i.e. the idea and recommendation will be dropped. Lord Carter has suggested that the concept has apparently met much opposition; the main one being that the creation of […]

GSMA Mobile World Congress: Another View

By Bill Jones Last year more mobile phones were sold globally than the aggregate sales of TVs, PCs, and cars put together. There are approximately 4 billion mobile phones in a world of more than 6.5 billion people. Penetration rates in some European countries are 150% (Italy), while some are as low as 80% (France […]