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What Does Ownership Mean in the Digital Age?

When you hit a “buy” button on Amazon, iTunes, or another digital content retail service, do you actually own what you’ve paid money for?  If you look at most retailers’ terms of service, the answer is no: you are licensing it on some terms that the retailer sets, which usually don’t amount to ownership.  In […]

Jaron Lanier’s Blanket Licensing Scheme

Jaron Lanier’s second book makes a radical proposal for altering the economics of data and content online.

“Freeloading Is Killing Music”

An indie rock fan explores why his musical heroes can’t make a living.

Patry on Copyright Repair

William Patry’s new book has some new ideas on how to fix copyright but little on how to implement them.

Robert Levine Tells the Rest of the Story

Technology is a business, just like the media industry. In Free Ride, Robert Levine explains how this fact goes under-reported and explains why the copyright wars are the way they are.

Don’t Know Much about E-co-no-my

…but economists seem to have keener insight into the future of content in the digital age than often credited. Like Eduardo Porter of the New York Times, for example.

Tim Wu’s Master Switch

Columbia law professor Tim Wu explains how the power behind information technologies flows toward corporate monopolists.

I Buy Music. Not Music T-Shirts.

T-shirts will not save musicians.

Piracy Throughout History

Adrian Johns’s Piracy: The Intellectual Property Wars from Gutenberg to Gates traces the historical development of intellectual property.

William Patry’s War on Copyright

Moral Panics and the Copyright Wars is about as balanced as the federal deficit.