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Amazon To Enter Library Lending Market

When Kindle Library Lending launches, library patrons will be able to borrow e-books and read them on every popular device platform.

DECE Announces UltraViolet Roadmap and Usage Rules

DECE announces its roadmap and its content usage rules at CES.

The End of the DRM-Sideloading Era

Rhapsody cuts the cable on its mobile apps: the beginning of the end of PC-tethered subscriptions.

Video Fingerprinting Gains Momentum for Contextual Advertising

More evidence that rights technologies can promote choice in business models. Whether the choices are appropriate or not is another question.

Sonic Solutions to Acquire DivX

Sonic bets that its combination of CinemaNow, DivX, Roxio, and a partnership with Best Buy will add up to a powerful digital video ecosystem.

More Devices, More Platforms, More… DRM

DRMs proliferate along with mobile devices and application platforms.

Apple Joins E-Book Reader Competition

The e-book DRM mess just got messier today.