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UK Music Rights Holders Launch New Dispute Resolution Process

A new way of resolving disputes over music rights ownership in the UK without litigation.

New Initiatives by the European Commission and UK

New regulations are proposed while budgets to implement them shrink.

New UK Research Report on Digital Copyright

A new research agenda for digital copyright in Europe and beyond.

UK Digital Economy Bill Becomes Law

The law favors content rights holders, but its path to implementation is ambiguous.

ACTA Process to Go Public

The secretive negotiating process will continue at least somewhat out in the open, and “graduated response” provisions will go away.

ACTA Acts Behind Closed Doors

An international treaty with potentially profound implications for copyright and technology, which may bypass national and even regional deliberative processes.

UK Digital Economy Bill Progresses with Haste

Impending elections force quicker action on a weighty and pervasive bill.

Mobile World Congress: A Preview

Low expectations from Barcelona this year.

Mobile User Experience Hampered by Copyright and Technology

A conference on mobile user experience highlights challenges for media application developers.

Google Meets Harry Potter — Well Not Quite!

Google is digitizing the collections of national libraries in the UK and elsewhere. Governments are now just getting around to wondering what to do about it.