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PlayReady on Android and iOS Shines at NAB

Third party vendors step in with PlayReady DRM implementations for popular mobile platforms. Also, a personal appeal for aid to evacuees in Japan.

Music Forecast: Cloudy

Cloud sync of music across a user’s devices requires a license from record companies… or does it?

Cricket Wireless Sings the Same Old Song

Is the new MuveMusic service from Cricket Wireless a “game changer for everyone”? Hardly.

More Devices, More Platforms, More… DRM

DRMs proliferate along with mobile devices and application platforms.

Mobile World Congress: A Preview

Low expectations from Barcelona this year.

2009 Year in Review, Part 1

A slow year in DRM, to match the slow economy.

Mobile User Experience Hampered by Copyright and Technology

A conference on mobile user experience highlights challenges for media application developers.