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The DMCA and Presidential Politics

Abuse of copyright, yes. Evil lawyers at major music companies, no.

UK Digital Economy Bill Survives Last Legal Challenge

Copyright owners win the two-year battle… but not in the way they claim.

UltraViolet Gets Two Lifelines

UltraViolet lands as a digital video retailer for at least one movie studio’s content; also, a way to make your DVD and Blu-ray movies cloud-accessible.

European High Court Says No to ISP-Level Copyright Filtering

The European Court of Justice, in overturning a Belgian court decision of 2007, says that the requirement of ISP-level copyright filtering goes too far.

Irdeto Acquires BayTSP

Irdeto doubles down on its bet that pay TV operators will pay more for better content protection.

iTunes Match Goes Beta, and It Downloads

An amnesty program for small-scale music copyright infringers, and a way for Apple to restore some iTunes platform lock-in.

New White Paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security

I have just published a new white paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security.  This white paper was commissioned by Irdeto. The 28-page paper describes the current state of the art of techniques for protecting video content delivered over pay television networks such as cable and satellite.  The two primary theses of the white […]

Video Fingerprinting Gains Momentum for Contextual Advertising

More evidence that rights technologies can promote choice in business models. Whether the choices are appropriate or not is another question.

Carphone Warehouse and Catch Media Launch Music Access Service

Will people pay for access to music without paying for the music itself? Thanks to Catch Media and Carphone Warehouse, we’ll find out.

LimeWire Turns to Court of Public Opinion

LimeWire CEO Mark Gorton goes into damage control mode.