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Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 2: Public Libraries

Some hints about libraries’ actual value to publishers in driving e-book sales.

The Coming Two-Tiered World of Libary E-book Lending

Small publishers are willing to license e-books to new library e-lending systems under liberal terms. Major publishers are unlikely to follow suit.

Supreme Court Affirms First Sale in Kirtsaeng Case

The Supreme Court established that first sale rights apply to media products manufactured outside the US when brought into the country. What does this decision portend for digital first sale?

You Bought It, You Own It. But Can a Library Lend It?

An unlikely coalition of companies and trade associations gets together to push for First Sale rights for digital content. Will it help libraries secure e-lending rights?

Publisher-Library Feud over E-Books Heats Up

The impasse will get worse before it gets better… if it ever does.

A Nail in Public Libraries’ Coffins

Amazon’s subsidized lending of Harry Potter e-books is more evidence of private-sector displacement of public libraries.

Library E-Lending with DRM-Free E-Books?

The coming showdown over Digital First Sale and library e-book lending.

Public Library E-Book Lending Must Change to Survive

Libraries could face irrelevance in the world of e-books. One way to avoid this fate is for publishers to treat libraries as if they were radio stations.

Amazon To Enter Library Lending Market

When Kindle Library Lending launches, library patrons will be able to borrow e-books and read them on every popular device platform.

E-Book Lending: The Serpent in the Garden of Eden

Is HarperCollins heralding the slow, painful death of library e-book lending?