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Digimarc Launches Social DRM for E-books

Digimarc finally realizes the synergies of its acquisition of Attributor two years ago.

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 3: DRM

DRM may disappear from trade e-books. But will that happen for the right reasons?

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 2: Public Libraries

Some hints about libraries’ actual value to publishers in driving e-book sales.

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 1: Wattpad

Why isn’t the book publishing world scared to death of Wattpad?

Adobe Resurrects E-Book DRM… Again

Adobe’s new ACS5/RMSDK10 combination adds tighter security as well as support for subscriptions and other content models.

Judge Dismisses E-Book DRM Antitrust Case

Independent booksellers can’t sell e-books from major publishers on the Kindle platform. Does that constitute restraint of trade? A federal judge says no.

“Netflix for E-Books” Approaches Reality

A subscription service for e-books finally gets a major trade publisher’s catalog.


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