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Forbes: The Myth of Cord Cutting

In my latest piece in Forbes, I examine the idea of “cord cutting” in light of recent announcements from Viacom, Time Warner, and DISH Network of over-the-top (OTT) streaming video services that enable people in the US to watch pay TV channels without a pay TV subscription.  Cord cutting means cancelling one’s subscription to cable […]

Forbes – High-Res Audio for the Masses: Innovations in Sound Encoding Technology

I’ve just published another piece in Forbes in my series on the emerging market for “high-res” audio, reflecting the recent surge in activity in this space as both the major record labels and consumer electronics companies see opportunity in expanding the market for high-quality digital audio beyond the audiophile niche.  This piece is about new codec […]

My New Forbes Blog

I’m pleased to announce that I have been invited to join Forbes, a leading American business publication, as one of its Media & Entertainment blog contributors.  I will be publishing pieces there that are of broader interest than the ones I publish here about developments in rights technologies, copyright law, and so on.  I’ll write short teasers […]

Mobile Phone Unlocking Legislation Leads to Renewed Interest in DMCA 1201 Reform

Yet another attempt at weakening DMCA 1201. What effects would such legislation have?

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 1: Wattpad

Why isn’t the book publishing world scared to death of Wattpad?

UK ISPs to Implement “Educational” Graduated Response System

Does a system for monitoring ISP users’ illegal downloads need to be punitive to be effective?

Announcing Copyright and Technology London 2014

Now in our fifth year, the next Copyright and Technology conference will take place on Wednesday, October 1.

Panel on Ministry of Sound Added at Copyright and Technology London 2013

A panel on the most important new copyright litigation in the UK today.

Copyright and Accessibility

The publishing industry and the print disabled find common ground in Copenhagen.

Copyright and Technology London 2013 Conference: October 17

I’m pleased to announce that our next Copyright and Technology conference will take place in London on Thursday, October 17.  The one-day event, produced by Music Ally, will take place at the offices of ReedSmith, near Liverpool Street railway station. Here is the draft conference agenda, which is subject to change.  At this point, we […]