New White Paper: Digital Rights and Digital Television

I have published a “new” white paper: Digital Rights and Digital Television. It’s an overview of digital rights technologies as they apply to digital TV, including watermarking and fingerprinting as well as various applications of encryption and DRM.  It covers the DRM strategies of the major “axes of power” in consumer electronics and the tensions among CE, content owners, and consumers regarding DRM.

I put “new” in quotes because this white paper is actually an update of a piece I wrote over a year ago, which is a chapter in the newly published book Television Goes Digital (Springer, 2009).  This in turn was created as the proceedings of a conference on digital TV at Columbia Business School in November 2007.  Darcy Gerbarg organized the conference and edited the book, for which she deserves much credit.

A year went by between my submitting the book chapter and its actual publication, rendering a bit of the information in it obsolete — as is inevitable in this fast-changing field.  In addition, the publisher introduced some errors during copyedit, so I wanted to set the record straight.

The overall book is a very informative overview of digital TV, with chapters written by some of the thought leaders in the field.  If you buy it, I suggest that you read my white paper in lieu of Chapter 14.

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  1. Can I get satellite TV? These may sound like they overlap, and if you are a single-family homeowner, they do. It gets a little trickier if you live in an apartment or condominium community, rent a home, or have a picky homeowner’s association.

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