Gotham Media Ventures Partnership

As mentioned yesterday, I am partnering with Gotham Media Ventures in producing the forthcoming Copyright and Technology 2010 Conference.  I have had the pleasure of working with Gordon Platt, CEO of Gotham Media, for some time now; the partnership has taken various paths.   I have participated in a few of his Digital Breakfast events and will do so again on February 10,  on a panel on Fair Use that will take place at the law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit in NYC (details forthcoming).

Gordon — an Emmy-winning TV producer — has also doing a series of interviews and other video pieces on the Gotham Media website.  You can check out brief interviews with me on the Viacom-YouTube litigation and the Google book publishing settlement, both accessible on the home page.

Finally, Gotham Media is producing an event on January 7 called Beyond 2010: Strategies for Growth.  It’s an economic forecasting discussion – not related to Copyright and Technology but looks quite interesting nonetheless.

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