C&T London 2012 Conference Program Takes Shape

The program for the Copyright and Technology London 2012 Conference, to be held on June 19, now has most speakers confirmed, and I am quite excited about the lineup.

Graduated response is on many Europeans’ minds nowadays.  We will have Eric Walter, Secretary General of Hadopi, speaking on the subject.  M. Walter was appointed by French President Sarkozy to run the authority for administering the progressive response law that France enacted three years ago — and which many other countries are studying to gauge its effectiveness.

Our Conference Sponsor, MarkMonitor, is working with me to organize a panel on the collection and use of piracy data.  The ground is shifting in the piracy monitoring field, from a focus purely on enforcement towards use of the data for business intelligence purposes.  MarkMonitor will explore this trend and what it means for copyright owners.

I have been working with Nic Garnett, former Executive Director of IFPI and now an attorney at Simons Muirhead & Burton, on the legal track of the agenda.  We have added a panel covering international perspectives on digital copyright, to be moderated by Nic himself.  He’ll have panelists from the US, Australia, and continental Europe sharing developments and comparing notes.

We will also have a good discussion of developments in the area of rights registries, featuring representatives of the Linked Content Coalition and the WIPO International Music Registry.

Our speaker roster is almost full, though we have a couple of openings left.  (In particular, we’d love to have someone on the skeptical side of the graduated response issue to balance things out.)

In addition, two sponsorship opportunities remain.  Please inquire if you are interested in that.

Finally, the early bird registration offer will expire shortly… so register today!  I hope to see many of you in London on June 19.

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