Partnership with Stroz Friedberg

As some of you know, over the past several years I have occasionally served as an expert witness and consultant in litigations on digital media, copyright, and related issues.  I’m now thrilled to announce a partnership between my firm, GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies, and Stroz Friedberg. Stroz Friedberg is a global leader in cybersecurity, digital forensics, investigations and risk management, as well as IP litigation consulting and IP strategy and analytics. They have been involved in such high-profile and diverse matters as Oracle USA, Inc. et al. v. Rimini Street, Inc. et al. (copyright case), Paul Ceglia vs. Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook founder’s contract dispute), Enron’s “Nigerian Barge” trial (as the government’s expert), and Silicon Knights, Inc. v. Epic Games, Inc. (copyright case).

I had the good fortune to work side by side recently with some experts from Stroz Friedberg on a couple of different cases, and a partnership between my firm and theirs was a natural next step.  Stroz Friedberg’s depth of knowledge, intelligence, diligence, and effectiveness are very impressive, and they are a pleasure to work with.  We will be supporting each other in future engagements as needs arise, enabling GiantSteps and Stroz Friedberg to complement our mutual areas of expertise and bring a broader array of capabilities to our clients.

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  1. Congratulations on this partnership, Bill! Sounds like a “perfect storm” of knowledge and experience!

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