Forbes: Music Revenue Figures Show Industry Running In Place

My latest column in Forbes is an analysis of the U.S. recorded music revenue figures for 2015 that the RIAA released last week.  Total revenues are $7 Billion – a figure that has remained almost exactly the same for six years now. This would suggest that $7 Billion is the amount that the American public is prepared to spend on music each year, if it were not the case that the sources of that revenue — downloads, paid subscriptions, ad revenue shares, statutory royalties — continue to shift dramatically from year to year.

In this column I also consider the question of when on-demand streaming will overtake music download purchases as the dominant source of revenue.  I estimate that this will happen within the next two years.  This means that downloads will have been dominant for a mere 5 years — similar to the 7-year period in which cassettes ruled, in between LPs and CDs. Will on-demand streaming dominate the future, and if so, for how long?

Here’s a poll:


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