2017 Conference

I’m pleased to welcome the law firm of Davis Wright & Tremaine (DWT) as a Gold Sponsor for the Copyright and Technology 2017 conference.  DWT partner Lance Koonce is one of the leaders of the firm’s Blockchain Initiative and has been especially active in blockchain applications for media and the arts.  (In fact, I first met Lance at a DWT event on blockchain in the arts, featuring Benji Rogers of the Dot Blockchain Music Project and others.)

Lance will be on a panel at the conference on blockchain applications in music.  This panel has been designed to educate and bring clarity about the many new activities on the blockchain-for-music front.  We’ll be doing a modified version of the traditional “vendor shootout”: each of our panelists will be asked to answer questions such as what existing music industry problems your solution solves, what new opportunities it creates or scales, and how your solution differs from the status quo.  No long-winded PowerPoints about the backgrounds of management teams, investors in funding rounds, etc., etc.

Our panelists will include representatives from the Dot Blockchain Music Project, Ujo Music/ConsenSys, ClearTracks, and Core Rights.  Lance will be providing the legal perspective on all this activity.  I’ll be moderating.  It should be fun.

Less than two weeks left – register now!



  1. […] content have driven the wheel of evolution in this area. Attendees will doubtless benefit from the insight and expertise of this panel of speakers as well as moderator and Program Chair, Bill Rosenblatt, who questioned (in a recent blog post), […]

  2. Joly MacFie · ·

    Will video of the Conference be available?

  3. Video of the afternoon sessions will be available on the Copyright Society website, but you have to be a Copyright Society member to access it.

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