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Adobe’s Latest E-Book Misstep: This Time, It’s Not the DRM

Adobe’s e-book reading software tracks users’ reading habits and reports them over the Internet without encryption.

That Old Question Again: Did Going DRM-Free Help or Hinder Sales of Music Downloads?

So, did going DRM-free help or hinder sales of music downloads? Here’s what the actual numbers show.

Mobile Phone Unlocking Legislation Leads to Renewed Interest in DMCA 1201 Reform

Yet another attempt at weakening DMCA 1201. What effects would such legislation have?

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 3: DRM

DRM may disappear from trade e-books. But will that happen for the right reasons?

Adobe Resurrects E-Book DRM… Again

Adobe’s new ACS5/RMSDK10 combination adds tighter security as well as support for subscriptions and other content models.

Judge Dismisses E-Book DRM Antitrust Case

Independent booksellers can’t sell e-books from major publishers on the Kindle platform. Does that constitute restraint of trade? A federal judge says no.

MovieLabs Releases Best Practices for Video Content Protection

From Hollywood, a best-practice wish list instead of a technology licensing authority.