Category Economics

Ad Networks Adopt Notice-and-Takedown for Ads on Pirate Sites

A set of voluntary best practices for removing ads from websites that offer infringing content. How effective will it be?

Yes, Piracy Does Cause Economic Harm

New academic research finds overwhelming consistency among studies of the economic effects of media piracy.

Netherlands Rejects Ban on Illegal Downloads

The Netherlands are poised to add to the problem of levy chaos in Europe.

The Future of HADOPI

Yes, HADOPI’s budget has been cut. But that doesn’t mean it’s going away. On the contrary: so far, so good.

The Shame Factor

Will David Lowery’s attempt to shame companies into pulling ads from illegal file-sharing sites pay off?

The Loweryquake

It’s time to admit that the perceived value of music has dropped to nearly zero.

UltraViolet Gets Two Lifelines

UltraViolet lands as a digital video retailer for at least one movie studio’s content; also, a way to make your DVD and Blu-ray movies cloud-accessible.

ReDigi Gets RIAA Nastygram

A music startup operating in a legal gray area gets a predictable wrist-slap from the major labels.

Irdeto Acquires BD+ Technology from Rovi

Hollywood looks to Irdeto to fix Blu-ray security.

Don’t Know Much about E-co-no-my

…but economists seem to have keener insight into the future of content in the digital age than often credited. Like Eduardo Porter of the New York Times, for example.