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The National Academies’ Workshop on Copyright in the Digital Age

Seeking input on research topics, the National Academies uncover some contentious issues.

My Remarks at the National Academies

Text of the remarks I made at the National Academies workshop on the Impact of Copyright Policy on Innovation in the Digital Era, Friday, October 15 in Washington, DC.

U.S. Rights Technologies Poll Results Updated

By a quirk of calendar timing, the week-long doldrums before the Labor Day holiday in the US are extended to two weeks this year.  This means that the slow end-of-summer news period will extend for a while.  In the meantime, I noticed that more people voted in the U.S. Rights Technologies Deficit poll that I […]

Poll Results: The U.S. Rights Technologies R&D Deficit

Poll results concur with the Rights Technology R&D Index: there’s no money in it.

The US Rights Technologies R&D Deficit

Despite its high expenditure on technology research and development, the United States lags the rest of the world in rights technologies R&D — sharply. Why?

The ROI of RIAA Lawsuits

What did the RIAA get for its $16 Million in legal fees?

New Initiatives by the European Commission and UK

New regulations are proposed while budgets to implement them shrink.

GAO Report Throws Doubts on Piracy Studies

Yes, copyright infringement is bad for the economy. But just how bad? We really don’t know.