Category First Sale / Exhaustion

Supreme Court Affirms First Sale in Kirtsaeng Case

The Supreme Court established that first sale rights apply to media products manufactured outside the US when brought into the country. What does this decision portend for digital first sale?

Awareness Grows over Digital First Sale

Media industry people are beginning to realize just how disruptive resale of digital content can be.

Library E-Lending with DRM-Free E-Books?

The coming showdown over Digital First Sale and library e-book lending.

The Harry Potter Watermarking Experiment

Pottermore’s watermarking scheme for EPUB e-books offers the worst of both worlds: it’s ineffective and costs money to implement.

ReDigi Gets RIAA Nastygram

A music startup operating in a legal gray area gets a predictable wrist-slap from the major labels.

Ninth Circuit Overturns Vernor v. Autodesk Decision

Is this the beginning of the era of “verbal DRM”?

New IEEE Standards Initiative Aims at “Digital Personal Property”

A new standards initiative uses DRM-like technology to emulate physical products in the digital domain. Is there a market for it?