Category Rights Licensing

USPTO Public Meeting on Identifiers for Automating Content Licensing

A public meeting in Washington to gather input about the use of content identifiers and content identification technology in copyright licensing automation. Too bad it’s in less than three weeks.

Flickr’s Wall Art Program Exposes Weaknesses in Licensing Automation

The Creative Commons program’s lack of support for commercial licensing options is starting to matter… again.

Rights Management (The Other Kind) Workshop – Chicago, Sept. 11

A half-day tutorial on rights information management.

Rights Management (The Other Kind) Workshop, NYC, April 30

A half-day tutorial on rights information management.

Getty Images Competes with Free (and Easy)

Getty Images gives up direct revenue from bloggers in favor of big data for analytics.

Images, Search Engines, and Doing the Right Thing

Creative Commons and Internet search.

Getty Images Reaches Image License Deal with Pinterest

Getty Images extracts license fees for commercial images that Pinterest’s users post to the site. In return, Pinterest gets image metadata.

Publisher-Library Feud over E-Books Heats Up

The impasse will get worse before it gets better… if it ever does.

Getty Images Launches Automated Rights Licensing for Photo Sharing Services

Getty Images PicScout makes it easy for social image-sharing sites to do the right thing on copyright. So how many such sites will want to do the right thing?

UK IPO Publishes Digital Copyright Hub Report

A new report commissioned by the UK Intellectual Property Office describes existing efforts to solve the problems of online rights licensing but doesn’t go far enough in pointing to overall solutions.