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That Old Question Again

So, did going DRM-free help or hinder sales of music downloads? Here’s what the actual numbers show.

Ghosts in the UltraViolet Machine

Copyright and Technology London 2014 takes place next Wednesday; Amazon and Apple announce family accounts for sharing content and apps; Garth Brooks launches his own competitor to iTunes and Amazon.

Dispatches from IDPF Digital Book 2014, Pt. 1: Wattpad

Why isn’t the book publishing world scared to death of Wattpad?

MP3Tunes and the New DMCA Boundaries

A federal district judge reopens an old case; courts start to limn the boundaries of “willful blindness” in qualifying for the DMCA safe harbor. Meanwhile, Michael Robertson’s latest provocative startup involves Internet radio.

“Netflix for E-Books” Approaches Reality

A subscription service for e-books finally gets a major trade publisher’s catalog.

Comcast Adds Carrots to Sticks

Internet service providers that have Hollywood studios as corporate siblings behave differently, regarding copyright issues, from those that don’t.

The Coming Two-Tiered World of Libary E-book Lending

Small publishers are willing to license e-books to new library e-lending systems under liberal terms. Major publishers are unlikely to follow suit.