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Getty Images Launches Automated Rights Licensing for Photo Sharing Services

Getty Images PicScout makes it easy for social image-sharing sites to do the right thing on copyright. So how many such sites will want to do the right thing?

Irdeto Intelligence: Monitoring Video Content Beyond Managed Networks

Once video content leaves the managed networks of cable, satellite, and telco-TV operators, what is their responsibility to protect it?

A Nail in Public Libraries’ Coffins

Amazon’s subsidized lending of Harry Potter e-books is more evidence of private-sector displacement of public libraries.

Who’s Subsidizin’ Who?

Free content with a device purchase or a free device with content purchase? Either way, it’s all good.

Creative Commons for Music: What’s the Point?

For most purposes, Creative Commons is like a burglar alarm sign on your lawn without the actual alarm system.

UltraViolet Gets Two Lifelines

UltraViolet lands as a digital video retailer for at least one movie studio’s content; also, a way to make your DVD and Blu-ray movies cloud-accessible.

Oblivion, But Not Beyond

Beyond Oblivion could have made a major impact on the world of online music… if it had made it to commercial launch.

European High Court Says No to ISP-Level Copyright Filtering

The European Court of Justice, in overturning a Belgian court decision of 2007, says that the requirement of ISP-level copyright filtering goes too far.

ReDigi Gets RIAA Nastygram

A music startup operating in a legal gray area gets a predictable wrist-slap from the major labels.

Irdeto Acquires BayTSP

Irdeto doubles down on its bet that pay TV operators will pay more for better content protection.