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UltraViolet to Offer White Label Service

Will the Hollywood consortium target small video retailers?

Assessing the HDCP Hack

Yes, it’s a hack. No, it’s not equivalent to the DeCSS hack for DVDs.

DECE Is Now “UltraViolet”

DECE launches a consumer brand. But what else are they launching, and when?

New IEEE Standards Initiative Aims at “Digital Personal Property”

A new standards initiative uses DRM-like technology to emulate physical products in the digital domain. Is there a market for it?

Selectable Output Control: What’s the Big Deal?

A significant technological development in the evolving world of movie distribution windows.

SafeNet Exits Consumer DRM Business

Consolidation in the OMA DRM market as another independent vendor exits.

Apple Joins E-Book Reader Competition

The e-book DRM mess just got messier today.

Correction to Story on CoreMedia

I have posted a correction to the story on CoreMedia’s DRM server offering from earlier this week.  This post serves to ensure that email and RSS subscribers see the correction.  Again, I apologize to CoreMedia and to readers for the errors (which resulted from – in essence – a key piece of information about CoreMedia’s […]

CoreMedia Changes OMA DRM Server Offering [CORRECTION]

The leading OMA DRM provider’s new offerings.

DECE Sets a New Direction

Innovation in the digital media supply chain from a consortium, to compete with Apple and Amazon.