CoreMedia Changes OMA DRM Server Offering [CORRECTION]

[This replaces yesterday’s story on CoreMedia, which contained inaccuracies owing to miscommunications.  I apologize to CoreMedia and to readers for the mistake.]

CoreMedia, a leading provider of server and client software for multiple DRMs, is replacing its server software product in favor of an SDK approach to server software.  Instead of an OMA DRM server software package, the company will now offer what amounts to a toolkit that enables customers and integrators to build applications that include DRM packaging and license management.

The move is an acknowledgement that more of CoreMedia’s customers — which include many wireless networks, handset makers, and service providers — want to be able to integrate DRM capabilities into their own back ends rather than just use a standalone server product.  The SDK offering — and the discontinuation of the standalone server software — are a sign of service providers’ increasing sophistication in building premium content services.

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