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Disney and Apple’s UV FUD

Disney Movies Anywhere brings competition to the video rights locker market.

Content Protection for 4k Video

A call for dialog with technology vendors about protecting the next generation of Hollywood content.

New White Paper: Content Security Requirements for Multi-Screen Video Services

A new white paper intended to help digital video content service providers understand content security requirements from film studios, TV networks, and other content sources.

New White Paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security

I have just published a new white paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security.  This white paper was commissioned by Irdeto. The 28-page paper describes the current state of the art of techniques for protecting video content delivered over pay television networks such as cable and satellite.  The two primary theses of the white […]

Irdeto Acquires BD+ Technology from Rovi

Hollywood looks to Irdeto to fix Blu-ray security.

The Next Battlefield: 3D Printing

The next generation in automated manufacturing technology will get cheap and personal. It will also raise a whole new level of messy concerns over intellectual property.

PlayReady on Android and iOS Shines at NAB

Third party vendors step in with PlayReady DRM implementations for popular mobile platforms. Also, a personal appeal for aid to evacuees in Japan.

Irdeto Sets Next Level in Video Content Protection

Irdeto’s ActiveCloak for Media is a real breakthrough, not only in content protection technology but also in attitude about hacks.

My Remarks at the National Academies

Text of the remarks I made at the National Academies workshop on the Impact of Copyright Policy on Innovation in the Digital Era, Friday, October 15 in Washington, DC.

Assessing the HDCP Hack

Yes, it’s a hack. No, it’s not equivalent to the DeCSS hack for DVDs.