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New IEEE Standards Initiative Aims at “Digital Personal Property”

A new standards initiative uses DRM-like technology to emulate physical products in the digital domain. Is there a market for it?

Selectable Output Control: What’s the Big Deal?

A significant technological development in the evolving world of movie distribution windows.

Sonic Solutions to Acquire DivX

Sonic bets that its combination of CinemaNow, DivX, Roxio, and a partnership with Best Buy will add up to a powerful digital video ecosystem.

More Devices, More Platforms, More… DRM

DRMs proliferate along with mobile devices and application platforms.

Widevine and Arxan Top NAB Highlights

Arxan increases competition in the market for DRM software hardening.

Widevine and Verimatrix Settle Patent Litigation

Reduction of IP risk in the content protection technology market is always a good thing.

SafeNet Exits Consumer DRM Business

Consolidation in the OMA DRM market as another independent vendor exits.

Correction to Story on CoreMedia

I have posted a correction to the story on CoreMedia’s DRM server offering from earlier this week.  This post serves to ensure that email and RSS subscribers see the correction.  Again, I apologize to CoreMedia and to readers for the errors (which resulted from – in essence – a key piece of information about CoreMedia’s […]

CoreMedia Changes OMA DRM Server Offering [CORRECTION]

The leading OMA DRM provider’s new offerings.

DECE Sets a New Direction

Innovation in the digital media supply chain from a consortium, to compete with Apple and Amazon.