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Irdeto Acquires BD+ Technology from Rovi

Hollywood looks to Irdeto to fix Blu-ray security.

The Early Release Window Experiment Continues

Studios are requiring watermarking as well as encryption for early-window content. We discuss some of the technical challenges this imposes on operators.

Irdeto Sets Next Level in Video Content Protection

Irdeto’s ActiveCloak for Media is a real breakthrough, not only in content protection technology but also in attitude about hacks.

DECE Announces UltraViolet Roadmap and Usage Rules

DECE announces its roadmap and its content usage rules at CES.

Google Acquires Widevine

Less than a day after I pooh-poohed announcements made by Google’s general counsel about supposed steps the company is taking to enhance copyright enforcement over its services, Google announced a deal to acquire Widevine Technologies, one of the last remaining independent DRM vendors.  The price was undisclosed, although Widevine has accrued investments well into the tens […]

In PogueWorld, Apple TV Is the Future

Dollar-a-show TV is not the future of television, not even if Apple thinks it is.

UltraViolet to Offer White Label Service

Will the Hollywood consortium target small video retailers?

Assessing the HDCP Hack

Yes, it’s a hack. No, it’s not equivalent to the DeCSS hack for DVDs.

Video Fingerprinting Gains Momentum for Contextual Advertising

More evidence that rights technologies can promote choice in business models. Whether the choices are appropriate or not is another question.

DECE Is Now “UltraViolet”

DECE launches a consumer brand. But what else are they launching, and when?