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Copyright and Technology London 2014: Registration Open; Panel Change

Earlybird registration price valid through August 8. Also, an unexpected development in the Aereo litigation after a Supreme Court setback.

Supreme Court’s Aereo Decision Clouds the Future

Justice Breyer’s opinion gives broadcast networks a short term victory, but it doesn’t help them in the long term as technology continues to evolve.

Disney and Apple’s UV FUD

Disney Movies Anywhere brings competition to the video rights locker market.

MovieLabs Releases Best Practices for Video Content Protection

From Hollywood, a best-practice wish list instead of a technology licensing authority.

Comcast Adds Carrots to Sticks

Internet service providers that have Hollywood studios as corporate siblings behave differently, regarding copyright issues, from those that don’t.

Content Protection for 4k Video

A call for dialog with technology vendors about protecting the next generation of Hollywood content.

Copyright Alert System Launches in U.S.

The U.S. finally embarks on its own, more laissez-faire style of graduated response.