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Copyright Alert System Releases First Year Results

Comparison of data from the US Copyright Alert System with HADOPI in France suggests that the threat of fines and Internet service suspensions does deter online file-sharing.

E-Book Watermarking Gains Traction in Europe

Highlights from a new study on the global e-book market.

Content Protection for 4k Video

A call for dialog with technology vendors about protecting the next generation of Hollywood content.

Digimarc Acquires Attributor

Another sign of the growing importance of monitoring the Internet for copyright infringement.

Webinar on Studios’ Content Security Policies

A free webinar for those of you who missed last week’s panel at NAB.

The Harry Potter Watermarking Experiment

Pottermore’s watermarking scheme for EPUB e-books offers the worst of both worlds: it’s ineffective and costs money to implement.

New White Paper: Content Security Requirements for Multi-Screen Video Services

A new white paper intended to help digital video content service providers understand content security requirements from film studios, TV networks, and other content sources.

New White Paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security

I have just published a new white paper: The New Technologies for Pay TV Content Security.  This white paper was commissioned by Irdeto. The 28-page paper describes the current state of the art of techniques for protecting video content delivered over pay television networks such as cable and satellite.  The two primary theses of the white […]

The Early Release Window Experiment Continues

Studios are requiring watermarking as well as encryption for early-window content. We discuss some of the technical challenges this imposes on operators.

Public Knowledge White Paper Attacks Copyright Filtering

A litany of problems with government-mandated copyright filtering at the ISP level.