Category Watermarking

Civolution Acquires Watermarking Business from Thomson

Consolidation in the digital watermarking space.

RIAA Releases Watermarking Payload Specification

A proposed standard that should hasten the adoption of digital watermarking in the music industry.

UMG and Virgin Media Launch Subscription DRM-Free Music Downloads in UK

An attempt to forestall government regulation of online music.

France Weakens Progressive Response Anti-Piracy Law

The French constitutional council pulls teeth from the controversial French “three strikes” law.

AACS Publishes Final Adopter Agreement

Managed Copy and audio watermarking are finally ratified in the Blu-ray content protection specs.

Gridlock at the World Copyright Summit

Collecting society executives convene in Washington to consider their places in the digital age.

HADOPI Bill Fails in French Parliament

The “three strikes, you’re out” antipiracy law in France is dealt a setback in parliament.

New White Paper: Digital Rights and Digital Television

An overview of digital rights technologies applied to digital TV.