Attributor Expands Fingerprinting

Attributor, the company best known for its text fingerprinting technology for news wire services and other publishers, has expanded into video tracking — withTurner Broadcasting, parent of CNN and part of Time Warner, as its marquee customer.  Turner has selected the video fingerprinting technology that Attributor has been working on for some time now.

In addition, the Associated Press stated earlier this week that it will be exercising greater control over usage of its news content on the web — particularly those of content aggregators and major search engines like Google and Yahoo.  The AP, the world’s largest newsgathering organization, is known to be using Attributor’s text fingerprinting technology to find its content all over the web.  Although the AP has not completed building its solution for finding its content and specifying licensing terms, Attributor stands to be at least part of the solution.

Attributor’s ability to fingerprint multiple media types ought to be particularly useful to news organizations.  In addition to the AP, Attributor’s text fingerprinting customers include the Financial Times and Deutsche Press Agentur.   The other company in the multiple-media fingerprinting space is France-based Advestigo, which has worked (naturally enough) with Agence France-Presse.


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