Now Available: The DRM Reference Table

I have published a reference table of over three dozen currently available DRM, content protection, and conditional access technologies for commercial media, including audio, video, e-books, and games.  It’s available in two ways:

  • As the full Excel spreadsheet with outlining, for USD 500 (PayPal accepted).  If you would like to order, please click here and include your name and email address in the message body.
  • As a free PDF, using an interesting new technology called docmetrics from Vitrium Systems.  Docmetrics uses Flash within the Adobe Reader to display a form, which in this case asks for basic contact information.  Docmetrics compiles contact information and tracks basic usage of the document.  Usage information will not be shared or sold under any circumstances. I welcome your feedback on this technology.  Click here to download.

Vendors of technologies listed in the table who find factual errors are more than welcome to send feedback.


  1. Dave Parker · ·

    The PDF format was a bit annoying, I usually use Xpdf on Linux, I just got a page saying use Adobe Reader 6 or later.

    So I got Adobe Reader 8, I didn’t get any form.

  2. Thanks – you are correct, the docmetrics technology does not work on Linux. It will just behave as a standard PDF.

  3. Bill, thanks for compiling this.

    Please note though that OMA DRM 2.1 reached approved enabler status end of 2008. Please refer to


  4. Elke,

    I did not see any actual implementations of OMA DRM 2.1 when I compiled this table several weeks ago. Are there any by now?

  5. Yes, but unfortunately covered under NDAs. May the operators/service providers speak up for themselves!

  6. Hi Bill, Eike,

    our All-you-can-eat Music Service is based on OMA DRM 2.1. It has been launched in all European Vodafone Countries and more countries will follow. Regards

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