Updated DRM Reference Table

I have published an updated version of the DRM Reference Table that was first published in June.  It contains details of over three dozen currently available DRM, content protection, and conditional access technologies for commercial media, including audio, video, e-books, and games.

The Table is available in two ways:

  • As the full Excel spreadsheet with outlining, for USD 500 (PayPal accepted).  If you would like to order, please click here and include your name and email address in the message body.
  • As a free restricted PDF, using an interesting new technology called PDFSalesLeads from Vitrium Systems  (an improvement over the company’s older Docmetrics technology).  PDFSalesLeads uses JavaScript within the Adobe Reader to display a form, which in this case asks for basic contact information.  PDFSalesLeads compiles contact information and tracks basic usage of the document.  Usage information will not be shared or sold under any circumstances. I welcome your feedback on this technology.  Click here to download.

Vendors of technologies listed in the table who find factual errors are more than welcome to send feedback.


  1. thanks for the update, a link in the article appears to be broken at the moment (GMT+10, 10:30am Dec 9 Sydney, Australia)

    Click to access DRM%20Reference%20Table_pdfsalesleads.pdf

    link returns “Page not found”

  2. Sorry – this is now fixed. http://www.giantstepsmts.com/DRM%20Reference%20Dec%2009_pdfsalesleads.pdf retrieves the document. Apologies for the inconvenience.

  3. […] Updated DRM Reference Table « Copyright and Technology — A useful listing of DRM technologies for all kinds of digital content. […]

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