Announcing C&T 2010 Conference Sponsors

Gotham Media Ventures and I are proud to announce our first set of sponsors for the Copyright and Technology 2010 conference, which will be held at the Hotel Roger Smith in NYC on June 17.

Our Conference Sponsor is Adobe, which is preparing for the release of its Flash Access 2.0 technology next month.  Adobe will be sponsoring a panel, Best Practices for Monetizing Premium Video Content, which will be held in the morning plenary session after our keynote by Michael Fricklas, General Counsel of Viacom.

The first Platinum Sponsor of the conference is Civolution, the vendor of content identification solutions including watermarking and fingerprinting.  Our first Gold Sponsor is iPharro, a video fingerprinting technology supplier.

Though the Conference Sponsorship is a unique opportunity, we have room for more Platinum and Gold sponsorships.  Please inquire if you are interested.

We should also mention that our earlybird registration discount ends next week on April 15.  Take advantage of $100 off by registering today!

Finally, it’s been a busy week on many fronts.  In the UK, the Digital Economy Bill is being rushed through Parliament now that the Government has called for elections on May 6th.  Of particular interest is Clause 18, which calls for ISPs to block access to websites that host unauthorized content.

The bill will be subject to post-passage scrutiny under parliamentary procedures that those of us here in the States may appreciate after hearing about “reconciliation” and “fix-up legislation” over healthcare reform over the past months.  In any case, my colleague Bill Jones will report more fully on the UK Digital Economy Bill here after the smoke clears both in London and at NAB in Las Vegas next week.

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