C&T 2010: New Speakers for Legal Panel

We have added two important speakers to fill out the panel at Copyright and Technology 2010 on Progressive Response legislation and its likely trajectory and impact: Gary Greenstein of Wilson Sonsini, former VP of Legal and Business Affairs at RIAA, and Matt Schruers of the Computer and Communication Industry Association will join Sherwin Siy of Public Knowledge. Moderating the panel will be Nic Garnett of HRO Grant Dawe, former president of IFPI.

Progressive Response (a/k/a Graduated Response) is an approach being taken in countries such as France, South Korea, and Taiwan whereby those who repeatedly share files on the Internet illegally receive warning messages and ultimately risk having their Internet accounts suspended.

This will be a balanced panel (CLE credit available pending NY State approval) of experts who will offer deep insight into how governments are viewing approaches to curbing illegal file-sharing that treat Internet access as a privilege that can be taken away. The panelists are on the front lines of discussions in Washington about whether the United States could try something similar.

Register for C&T 2010 today – the conference is less than three weeks away!

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