New UK Research Report on Digital Copyright

The UK’s Strategic Advisory Board for Intellectual Property Policy has just published a new report commissioned by it on “The Economics of Copyright and Digitisation: A Report on the Literature and the Need for Further Research”.  It is over 100 pages long so I haven’t yet read it in detail.

Nonetheless, a glance through its content indicates a well researched and presented treatise which, in the nature of a research report, calls for further work. It challenges some mantras, identifies that some value chain positions do not appear to be supported by evidence, and poses a number of new questions.

Given the public expenditure budgetary cuts working their way through so many European countries, and which may also gain traction in the European Union if only to bow to the public mood across Europe, it’s likely that further work in this area will be curtailed. Even so, a new line of research has been triggered to be revisited.

So I commend it to you as an excellent reference document.

Some of you may wish to agree or disagree with its contents on this blog.

Bill Jones is CEO of Global Village Ltd.

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