U.S. Rights Technologies Poll Results Updated

By a quirk of calendar timing, the week-long doldrums before the Labor Day holiday in the US are extended to two weeks this year.  This means that the slow end-of-summer news period will extend for a while.  In the meantime, I noticed that more people voted in the U.S. Rights Technologies Deficit poll that I put up several weeks ago.  The results were altered enough to make me want to revisit my conclusions from the numbers, so I updated that story.

After Labor Day, we will expect an onslaught of news during the run-up to the IBC broadcasting trade show in Amsterdam and new consumer electronics product rollouts in September.  (Personally, I’m waiting for Verizon Wireless to release its “world edition” Android devices that have GSM as well as CDMA.  Then we’ll have a few interesting things to talk about.)

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