C&T 2011 Conference: Registration Now Open

Online registration for the Copyright and Technology 2011 conference, November 30 in New York, is now open!

Take a look at the program and you’ll see that we have most of the panels filled out – though a few opportunities remain, particularly for moderators.   Please contact me if you are interested.

I am also pleased to announced that the law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit Klein & Selz has become our latest sponsor.

We invite law firms with practices in the digital copyright area — like Frankfurt Kurnit — to sponsor the conference as well.  We have an exciting lineup of panels in our legal track.  We will attract a high-caliber audience of professionals from media and technology industries who are coming to grips with issues of intellectual property in the digital age.  If you are interested in sponsorship materials, please contact me as well.

On to a different subject: after Facebook’s announcement of integration with several subscription music services, Spotify announced that it is now requiring new subscribers to have Facebook IDs.  This has caused a lot of sturm und drang, but it’s yet more evidence that Facebook IDs are becoming the de facto universal ID standard for the Internet.

If you read my article on the music services’ Facebook integration a few days ago, you can see why Spotify might want to do this.  What do you think?  Here’s a poll:

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