C&T NYC 2012 Conference: Speaker Lineup Finalized

We have a full roster of speakers for Copyright and Technology NYC 2012, coming to the Manhattan Penthouse in Greenwich Village on Wednesday, December 5.

I am truly excited about this lineup!  Some of the highlights:

  • Our two keynote speakers: Robert Levine, author of Free Ride, in the morning, and David Lowery, musician and author of the blog http://www.thetrichordist.com, in the afternoon.
  • “TV or Not TV?”, a panel on recent important litigations in the video industry, featuring legal experts who are involved in some of those cases such as Cablevision and Aereo.
  • A panel on public policy in the post-SOPA/PIPA era, featuring speakers from NBCUniversal and the Copyright Alliance as well as Bill Herman, author of a landmark PhD thesis and forthcoming book on the effects of Internet communication on digital rights legislation.
  • A debate on the future of DRM in e-book publishing, with speakers from Simon & Schuster, Sony, Kobo, and Booxtream (an e-book watermarking technology company).
  • A discussion of the burgeoning Artists’ Rights movement and its differences with both the media and technology industries, featuring Jean Cook of the Future of Music Coalition as well as David Lowrey and a couple of leading legal experts.
  • Technology panels on rights registries (this one featuring the always-interesting Jim Griffin) and the new UltraViolet standard for video.

As usual, our event will qualify for New York State CLE credit for attorneys, thanks to our friends at the law firm of Frankfurt Kurnit.

Please register today — we have an earlybird discount in effect until the end of October.  Join us in NYC on December 5!

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