NYC Conference Next Week

A few reminders regarding our Copyright and Technology NYC 2012 conference next Wednesday.  We have two great keynote speakers. Robert Levine, author of Free Ride: How Digital Parasites Are Destroying the Culture Business, and How the Culture Business Can Fight Back, in the morning; I’m happy to announce that all registered attendees will get a copy of his book (my review here), which Rob can sign if you wish.

David Lowery, author of the blog The Trichordist, indie rock icon, avatar of the artists’ rights movement, and record label owner/serial entrepreneur/professor, will speak at lunchtime before segueing into a panel on artists’ rights that will also feature Jean Cook, one of the creators of the groundbreaking Artist Revenue Streams study for the Future of Music Coalition.

The timing of Lowery’s appearance is fortuitous.  He has been a relentless critic of the Internet Radio Fairness Act (IRFA), a bill brought by Internet radio companies such as Pandora that would adjust the way royalties are paid under Section 114(d) of the Copyright Act for so-called noninteractive streaming services.  At the Future of Music Coalition Policy Summit in Washington two weeks ago, Lowery attacked proponents of IRFA such as Pandora founder Tim Westergren and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon.  He’ll undoubtedly have more sparks to generate about IRFA, especially since hearings on the bill in Congress took place just yesterday.

We will also have technology panels on UltraViolet, DRM for e-books, and the various efforts to build “rights registries” for music, image, and text content.

Finally, we do have some press coming to cover the conference (in addition to a Twitter hashtag, #CT2012NYC, for everyone).  If you would like a press pass, please contact me by email.

If you haven’t registered already, what are you waiting for?  It’s not too late; click here to register.  I hope to see you in NYC next week!

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