Survey on E-Book DRM Licensing

If you have been following this blog for a while, you’ll know that I have been involved in the design and launch of a new open-source DRM scheme for e-books called Readium LCP (Licensed Content Protection).  The formal launch of Readium LCP is expected to take place by the end of this year.

As I’ve explained, Readium LCP is open-source (to be distributed under BSD or similar license).  Anyone can use the code at no charge.  However, to become part of the interoperable ecosystem around Readium LCP, implementers need access to cryptographic material and will need to pass compliance tests to ensure interoperability.  The European Digital Reading Lab (EDRLab), a nonprofit organization based in Paris, will administer these activities.  To cover its costs, EDRLab will charge nominal license fees, lower than those of commercial DRMs.

If you’re involved with e-book distribution or reader app development, please consider taking a brief online survey on potential license fee structures for Readium LCP.  EDRLab is gathering feedback on the types of organizations that are considering using Readium LCP, their sizes, and their comfort levels in paying license fees for DRM technologies.  The survey is here.  It’s only 10 questions and the EDRLab board is hoping to get results by end of this week.  Thanks very much for your help!



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