Six Reasons to Attend Copyright and Technology 2018

With our next conference just over a week away, and many people just coming back from the holidays, I thought I’d mention a few things we’re particularly excited about in the agenda for our ninth annual conference:

  1. Jonathan Taplin’s keynote. Taplin has had a wide-ranging, Renaissance-Man career in the media business as a musical artist manager, award-winning film producer, investment banker, Internet entrepreneur, academic, and book author. His latest book, Move Fast and Break Things: How Google, Facebook and Amazon Cornered Culture and Undermined Democracy, touches on many of the themes we discuss at our conferences and is having a major impact on the current dialog about the Internet’s effect on society; he’s been a fixture on the op-ed pages of the New York Times and other major newspapers. He was willing to rearrange his very busy schedule to make our conference date!
  2. Our “Match Game” panel on the recording-composition matching problem in the music industry.  We’ll hear from experts and key stakeholders about why this is such a critical and vexing issue in the industry, and the various solutions being proposed, ranging from technology startups to proposed legislation in Congress.
  3. New research on “black box” music royalties — the millions or even billions of dollars in music royalty payments that are “everywhere and nowhere.” Daniel Dewar of Paperchain will present the results of surveys conducted over the past few months.
  4. Our session on e-book watermarking. This is your chance to learn about one of the most important e-book-related technologies in many parts of the world; it’s virtually unknown in the U.S., but that’s bound to change. We’ll hear from Booxtream, a leading independent e-book watermarking technology supplier, as well as executives at two major publishing companies who will give their perspective of the value of the technology in deterring infringement.
  5. The “Fugitive Justice” panel on Sci-Hub. A renegade outfit, led by a neuroscientist who is hiding in Eastern Europe, is disrupting the academic publishing industry by making millions of journal articles available without payment. Publishers have been taking this “Pirate Bay of Science” to court and winning against the absentee defendant, but to what purpose? Can an American court issue a judgment that will have any impact? We’ll hear from the lead counsel for one of the publishers that secured a default judgment, a prominent copyright defense litigator, and an executive from a journal archive who believes in sustainable scholarly resources.
  6. You. We’ve heard many people say that the audience interaction at Copyright and Technology is itself worth the price of admission. It’s the only place where lawyers, policy wonks, techies, and business people gather and mingle to discuss copyright in the digital age.

What are you waiting for? Register for Copyright and Technology 2018 today!

Copyright and Technology 2018 is produced by GiantSteps Media Technology Strategies and the Copyright Society of the USA. We’re proud to be sponsored by Booxtream, the Fordham IP Institute, and Jaybird Communications.

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