Copyright and Technology 2019: Agenda Published, Registration Available

The agenda for Copyright and Technology 2019 is now published, and registration is live. Thanks once again to the Copyright Society of the USA and Jaybird Communications for extending their partnership to what will be our tenth annual conference.

We have added a very exciting session to the morning lineup: a presentation on the Open Music Initiative (OMI). The OMI launched a couple of years ago as an outgrowth of the Rethink Music conference at Berklee College of Music (where I’m now a guest lecturer). It has expanded to include institutions such as the MIT Media Lab and University College London, and companies such as IBM and PwC. The OMI has grown to over 200 members. It will unveil a new mission and organizational structure in the coming weeks, and representatives will give a presentation after Prof. Paul Goldstein’s keynote address at the conference in January.

There are still some speaking and moderating slots available, particularly in the following sessions:

  • Copyright Liability for Online Service Providers — we are looking for someone who represents content owners in this discussion: an attorney or technology provider that does copyright enforcement automation.
  • Content Ownership II: Law and Litigations — we would like to get attorneys who have views on ownership of digital content and precedents set by recent cases such as Disney v. Redbox and Capitol v. ReDigi. This will be a companion to a technology track session on blockchain applications for digital content ownership.

We are also seeking moderators for some of the panels.

If you are interested, please send me the following information:

  • The basics: proposed speaker’s name, position, organization, etc.
  • Session name
  • Are you proposing to speak or moderate?
  • Brief description of your perspective on or experience with the topic
  • A bio or CV, or a link to one (LinkedIn or law firm page is fine)
  • Contact information of proposed speaker

Otherwise please register now, and we hope to see you there!

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