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Ghosts in the UltraViolet Machine

Copyright and Technology London 2014 takes place next Wednesday; Amazon and Apple announce family accounts for sharing content and apps; Garth Brooks launches his own competitor to iTunes and Amazon.

Disney and Apple’s UV FUD

Disney Movies Anywhere brings competition to the video rights locker market.

Awareness Grows over Digital First Sale

Media industry people are beginning to realize just how disruptive resale of digital content can be.

Music Subscription Services Go Mainstream

A year ago, we predicted that total membership of music subscription services would reach 50 million worldwide with 20-30% paid subscribership. How did we do?

Who’s Subsidizin’ Who?

Free content with a device purchase or a free device with content purchase? Either way, it’s all good.

Facebook: Making the World Safe for Music Subscription Services

Facebook’s announcement of the integration of several music services at its f8 conference last week attracted a lot of hype and even more breathless press coverage.  But what exactly will it do for these services? A lot.  A huge amount.  In fact, this could be a tipping point in favor of subscription services against the […]

How High Will Spotify’s Paid Subscribership Go?

Spotify is off to a good start in the US market, with 12.5% paying subscribership.