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Music Forecast: Cloudy

Cloud sync of music across a user’s devices requires a license from record companies… or does it?

E-Book Lending: The Serpent in the Garden of Eden

Is HarperCollins heralding the slow, painful death of library e-book lending?

Are Subscriptions Against Apple’s Religion?

Apple offers a paid-subscription model for content services that seems like a reluctant gesture, while Google takes the opportunity to offer more flexibility for less revenue share.

Cricket Wireless Sings the Same Old Song

Is the new MuveMusic service from Cricket Wireless a “game changer for everyone”? Hardly.

Paying Publishers to Set their Content Free

How to lower transaction costs for back-catalog content? Get paid to give it away.

The Coming Showdown over Free Music

What are the music industry’s barriers to accepting “free” business models for online music?

In PogueWorld, Apple TV Is the Future

Dollar-a-show TV is not the future of television, not even if Apple thinks it is.

Carphone Warehouse and Catch Media Launch Music Access Service

Will people pay for access to music without paying for the music itself? Thanks to Catch Media and Carphone Warehouse, we’ll find out.

I Buy Music. Not Music T-Shirts.

T-shirts will not save musicians.

Reminder: Free Workshop on Content Monetization

I will be leading an interactive workshop on Content Monetization on May 19, 2010, at the Manhattan Theatre Source in New York City’s Greenwich Village, at 1pm.   Registration is free. The workshop will feature a presentation on Content Monetization, based on my new whitepaper, a moderated discussion on attendees’ requirements and possibilities for monetizing content, and […]