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Music Subscription Services Go Mainstream

A year ago, we predicted that total membership of music subscription services would reach 50 million worldwide with 20-30% paid subscribership. How did we do?

Who’s Subsidizin’ Who?

Free content with a device purchase or a free device with content purchase? Either way, it’s all good.

Facebook: Making the World Safe for Music Subscription Services

Facebook’s announcement of the integration of several music services at its f8 conference last week attracted a lot of hype and even more breathless press coverage.  But what exactly will it do for these services? A lot.  A huge amount.  In fact, this could be a tipping point in favor of subscription services against the […]

How High Will Spotify’s Paid Subscribership Go?

Spotify is off to a good start in the US market, with 12.5% paying subscribership.

Good News for the New York Times

The New York Times beats its first-year digital subscribership goal in only four months.

Do Paid Music Subscriptions Indicate a Tipping Point?

A few tiny signs of positive momentum for music.

Music Forecast: Cloudy

Cloud sync of music across a user’s devices requires a license from record companies… or does it?