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Irdeto Intelligence: Monitoring Video Content Beyond Managed Networks

Once video content leaves the managed networks of cable, satellite, and telco-TV operators, what is their responsibility to protect it?

Copyright and Technology London 2012 and Hadopi

The Secretary General of Hadopi cancels his keynote address, leading to speculation over the future of the French graduated response agency.

Graduated Response in the Post-Sarkozy Era

A timely keynote speaker in London on June 19.

UK Digital Economy Bill Survives Last Legal Challenge

Copyright owners win the two-year battle… but not in the way they claim.

Hadopi Becomes un Ballon de Football Politique

Judgment of the success of the Hadopi system in France should be based on the facts, not on political posturing.

Irdeto Acquires BayTSP

Irdeto doubles down on its bet that pay TV operators will pay more for better content protection.

The Copyright Alert System: A Cautious Experiment

ISPs agree to dip their toes in the water of taking responsibility for users’ copyright infringement on their networks.

Attributor Gathers Publishers to Share Ad Revenue from Unauthorized Content Use

The Fair Syndication Consortium will use text fingerprinting to find unauthorized uses of publishers’ content and attempt to share ad revenue.

HADOPI Bill Fails in French Parliament

The “three strikes, you’re out” antipiracy law in France is dealt a setback in parliament.

Attributor Expands Fingerprinting

A solution for video as well as text appeals to news organizations.