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European Commission Issues Communication on Digital Single Market

The EC focuses on cross-border licensing and copyright safe harbors for online service providers.

Announcing Copyright and Technology London 2015

Our next London conference, produced by Music Ally, will be Thursday 18 June.

Copyright Alert System Releases First Year Results

Comparison of data from the US Copyright Alert System with HADOPI in France suggests that the threat of fines and Internet service suspensions does deter online file-sharing.

Announcing Copyright and Technology London 2014

Now in our fifth year, the next Copyright and Technology conference will take place on Wednesday, October 1.

E-Book Watermarking Gains Traction in Europe

Highlights from a new study on the global e-book market.

MEGA CEO to speak at Copyright and Technology London 2013

Updates and highlights of our agenda for October 17 at

Netherlands Rejects Ban on Illegal Downloads

The Netherlands are poised to add to the problem of levy chaos in Europe.