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Graduated Response in the Post-Sarkozy Era

A timely keynote speaker in London on June 19.

Hadopi Becomes un Ballon de Football Politique

Judgment of the success of the Hadopi system in France should be based on the facts, not on political posturing.

IFPI Claims Success of Progressive Reponse in Curbing Infringement

Hadopi is lowering illegal file-sharing and boosting legitimate digital music sales.

European High Court Says No to ISP-Level Copyright Filtering

The European Court of Justice, in overturning a Belgian court decision of 2007, says that the requirement of ISP-level copyright filtering goes too far.

How High Will Spotify’s Paid Subscribership Go?

Spotify is off to a good start in the US market, with 12.5% paying subscribership.

European Music Rights Database Project Issues RFP

An “unfunded mandate” for a European musical analog to the Book Rights Registry.

New Initiatives by the European Commission and UK

New regulations are proposed while budgets to implement them shrink.

Digging in the TechDirt

Techdirt gets it wrong on the German news industry’s dispute with Google.

2009 Year in Review, Part 2

Legal developments in digital copyright during the past year: progressive response, litigation against Google, and news publishers vs. search engines.

French Court Finds Google Guilty over Book Scanning

The fine is a pittance for Google, the impact small. But will the rest of Europe follow along?