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Google Meets Harry Potter — Well Not Quite!

Google is digitizing the collections of national libraries in the UK and elsewhere. Governments are now just getting around to wondering what to do about it.

European Union Enters New Phase of Government

Implications of the structure imposed by the Lisbon Treaty on developments in intellectual property and technology.

DRM Research: Alive and Well and Living near the Rhine

Highlights from the Virtual Goods Conference & ODRL Workshop in Nancy, France.

La Rentree Americaine

Will pirates take over Europe?

Pirate Bay Acquirers Attempt to Go Legit

Hope springs eternal in the pirate’s breast.

Does the EU Really Matter?

Restrictions and freedoms in European legal systems influence different approaches to digital rights. As Europe unifies, which system will prevail, and how will that affect DRM?

Will the EU’s Fine on Intel Impact DRM?

The antitrust action against Intel could threaten interoperability that is key to acceptance of DRM in the market.

France Weakens Progressive Response Anti-Piracy Law

The French constitutional council pulls teeth from the controversial French “three strikes” law.

EC Commissioners Propose Pan-European Content Licensing

A step towards removing barriers to innovation in European digital content services.

European Union Votes to Extend Copyright Term

The decision will extend the term of copyright in sound recordings in EU member states from 50 to 70 years.