New White Paper on Content Monetization

I have written a new whitepaper, The New Content Monetization Opportunities for Publishers: Best Practices, Strategy and Architecture.  This whitepaper is sponsored by Atypon and reflects our mutual interest in making the industry aware of the resurgence of interest in consumer-paid business models for content.  It’s a free PDF download.

The online ad market has dropped precipitously; many say it will not recover to pre-2008 levels in the foreseeable future.  The New York Times has announced that it will adopt a metered-access model in which users who access more than a certain level of content will be asked to pay.  Hulu is known to be considering adding a paid subscription service.  The momentum is clear.

This whitepaper examines trends and best practices in content monetization models.  It focuses on newspapers, consumer magazines, B-to-B publications, and professional information, but it draws examples from music and video content as well. The final section on monetization architecture introduces the concept of Offer Management, a set of capabilities that tie together components like content management, e-commerce, and user authentication to enable content providers to launch monetization models with flexibility and scalability.

I’ll be leading a series of workshops on content monetization on May 19 here in New York, in partnership with Atypon; registration is free.

The release of this whitepaper is also the occasion to launch a new page on the Copyright and Technology website containing several whitepapers, presentations, and other documents that may be of interest to C&T readers.  More on this soon.

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